Bespoke Sofas & Chairs

Bespoke Sofas & Chairs

All our sofas & chairs are handmade in South Wales to suit customer’s specifications. We aren’t strict on size, look, fabric or anything apart from the quality of our products of course!

To the right is a link that will take you to our most popular bespoke sofa & chair designs, or of course you are free to design your own furniture, picking an arm style from one model, the back from another, the legs from another etc. Alternatively, if you already have a particular style in mind then we will try our best to match that product to your specifications.

With all that in mind we have never made the exact same piece of furniture twice!

How they’re made…

All of our sofa and chair frames are handmade using locally sourced hardwood, birch and beech, with facings and side panels made from marine ply – making them built to last!

Your choice is simply your seat…

Your options include foam, fibre or feather as described below:

  • Foam – choice of firm, medium or soft
  • Fibre – Although softer, it will lose its shape and density in time.
  • Feather – Again, this is soft but will need maintenance to sustain its shape and feel.

We always recommend to use foam as this requires zero maintenance to sustain its feel, bounce and comfort but the choice is up to you.

Fabrics & Leather…

Our sofas and chairs are made-to-measure, so you can have any size with your choice of fabric or leather from our showroom. Our fabric room displays hundreds of quality upholstery fabrics from a wide variety of suppliers.