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Lighting can often be an overlooked part of the design process – it is seen as functional as opposed to fashionable. However, the way you light the space you are living in can have a huge effect upon the mood, ambience and overall impact of the room.

Lighting Room view with of a modern chandelier
Lighting Two matching standard lamps and shades  behind a sofa

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A chandelier can be an impressive statement piece, whether it is modern or contemporary, but it is equally stylish to create layers of light, utilising floor lamps and table lamps to conveniently change the feel in each room.

We emphasise considering the lighting in your home when selecting upholstery fabrics – the same fabric will look completely different in alternative lights.

Our range encompasses all spectrums of design from traditional to modern and we are constantly sourcing unique light features at Lyn Morgan Furnishings – visit our eight showrooms housed under one roof for more inspiration, our design team will be happy to help you.

Lighting bottom view of modern hanging ligts
Lighting room view of modern lights
Home Accessories room view with geometric patterns and matching standard lamp
lighting modern large desk lamp
Lighting room view with matching yellow standard lamp
Lighting pastel colour room view with modern glass chandelier affect lighting
lighting Two standard lights and a hanging metal shade
lighting metal shade
Lighting dinging room view with set of metal lamp style hanging lights
Lighting modern chandelier
Four of our team

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