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As a family run and family owned company Lyn Morgan Furnishings has been in business for over twenty years. This wealth of experience means that when it comes to selecting the right furnishing fabrics for a sofa, chair, curtains or cushions that we are creating for you, we are totally confident that we will be able find the perfect choice for you.

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We have over 500 pattern books in our showroom, from a plethora of specially selected stockists and designers. Each book contains dozens of different designs of furnishing fabrics and we are constantly updating our library to ensure we reflect the latest trends as well as treasured classics. It can be overwhelming for some people to have such a huge selection, however this is where our expertise comes into play, by drilling down your choices into specific categories, for instance, colour, texture, finish etc, we work on a process of elimination until we find the ideal fit for you.

Our range incorporates all aspects of the variety of furnishing fabrics available, from competitive, economic ranges right up to haute couture designer labels. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you plenty of choice on every spectrum.

Our design team are on hand to answer any queries you may have and some of our suppliers are listed on our Supplier page

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